​Founded in 1978 by Guido Cupolo, the Company was created to manufacture beds and home furniture with its production headquarter in San Zeno (Brescia). In 1985 the Company started the production of beds with automatic adjustment for domestic and hospital use, besides the production of technical furniture and accessories, first time in Italy.

The Company developed both a commercial network to distribute its articles to the home sector and, at the same time, another commercial field for the health and hospital structures with 36 agents and 650 sale points in total.


Habitat Italiana is specialized in the CONTRACT sector where organization, planning, management control and logistics determine the real difference. These processes, developed worldwide over decades of experience, allow the elimination of inefficiencies, guaranteeing a really competitive quality price ratio, also compared to the Asian markets.

From this point of view, HABITAT ITALIANA has been thinking and producing in Italy for 30 years and is standing out in the international markets in terms of design profile, styles realization, industrialization and production.

The Company operates through a net of subsidiaries and through the main holding COPERTINO Srl together with the sub-holding companies HABITAT FORUM Srl and HABITAT INVEST Srl.

HABITAT ITALIANA is the strategic junction between customer and production, coordinating the various Italian Group companies which are highly specialized in the following productions:


  • Manufacturing of metal sheets

  • Manufacturing of tubular and technical small components

  • Manufacturing of wood

  • Manufacturing of upholstery

  • Realization of semi-finished products and components for the furniture industry

  • Engineering for all the companies of the Group.